Joseph Bellerose is an actor from Montreal that works mainly in French, but also in English. He has been seen in many TV series in French. He was also part of The Auction, a feature film from director Sébastien Pilote, and will be in the new movie from Simon Lavoie, Se fondre, which is in post-production at the moment. Joseph is known as a versatile actor, being hired to play either a homeless man or a business man or a doctor in different series in French.

Joseph is also known for his voice. He makes narration of documentary series and shows and participated in the narration of The Secret Life of Planet Ice Lakes for international French TV5.

On stage, his most recent contribution was that of the role of Mr Mayor in Le Trou, a creation from Eugénie Beaudry at Prospero Theatre in 2014. He also writes, sings and has various projects.

Whatever the media, Joseph is a reliable and creative actor. He will be more than happy to contribute to your project if there is an opportunity. You can see his demo in English on this page as well as his resume. You can also visit the other pages to see and hear his skills in French as an actor and singer.

Acting demo from Joseph Bellerose